Latest release: Choko Loko (Phil Bauch feat. Mi Cari, November 2021)

Latest release

Choko Loko (feat. Mi Cari)

November 2021

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Hi there, great to see you here! I'm Phil, born ’71 in Hamburg (Germany) and living since 2011 in Málaga (Andalusia, Spain).

Phil Bauch, Singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer

My life has always been full of music – although I never made more than a few bucks with it, neither I was heading for this 😉

After lots of years not recording nothing and just jamming a bit around with friends in these typical pub, terrace & beach sessions, in 2019 I started again to write some new songs. Although my favourite style is Rock & Blues, I always love to play around with new tunes.

Enjoy my music here on this site, or stream/download them on your favourite music channel (which actually might give me some extra dimes for some new strings and picks) 🎸

Stay tuned and rock on 😎🤘

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Latest Releases

Choko Loko (feat.Mi Cari)(November 2021)

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Very Goood Song(September 2021)

Seven Miles (February 2021)

Bubblegum Song (July 2020)

Horizon's Shimmering Bright(April 2020)

Little Song(April 2019)

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Choko Loko (feat. Mi Cari)
Choko Loko (feat. Mi Cari)
Very Good Song
Seven Miles
Bubblegum Song
Horizon's Shimmering Bright
Little Song