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Phil Bauch (Musician, Designer, Media-Creative, Photographer)

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No intro. No chorus. No bridge. No solo. 

...or to say it in proper German: No “Schnickschnack” 

Writing this song, I was simply thinking about our all daily lives. What, when, why – and even more important – how we all make it. Sounds pitiable? Not a second!

Just listen, read and smile 😊

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This little song is for all us little people
Making our lives although we ask: Why and for what?
Running night and day for a little bit of nothing
Just for some dimes and some dinner maybe some love


For us grown-ups who want to be a little
Not that much, but yes a little bit above
Us wise and strong, experienced but brittle
Us dumb and weak, so serious, no laugh


This little song is always going on
The repetition of itself makes it so strong
It shows us clearly that we just do know a little
Although we’re wise, won’t laugh - that makes it wrong


We all do know, life’s too short and that’s a pity
So every day we’re heading for some more
And yes, we’re brave and straight ahead but miss the middle
We lose our track – so serious, so bored


This little song might teach us once again
Future starts now but past will never end
And to change our little life little by little
We have to act without the fear „we might regret“


So let us sing, although it’s just a pretty little
A pretty little song that makes us feel again
We might be strong and sometimes seriously happy
Just with a smile remembering this song

...la la la lalalala...
Show me your smile remembering this Little Song.


Hi, I am Phil Bauch, born 16th of february ’71 in Hamburg (Germany) and living since countless years in Málaga (Andalucia, Spain).

Phil Bauch (Musician, Designer, Media-Creative, Photographer)

My life has always been accompanied by music – although I never made more than a few bucks with it, neither I was heading for this 😉

The musical past

As a little one I loved playing a bit piano with my grandma and with some 10 years I started playing guitar. When I was 15, we raised my first first band Finest Collection. In 1988 we released our first and only single The Time Will Come (B-Side: When the sun is goings down. Actually we were more focussed on playing in front of a small, but enjoyable crowd than on recording. So we toured around a bit across Germany, some small gigs, some bigger festivals, some band contests, the casual stuff.

Beside of the band's stuff, we also wrote and composed two musicals, Funny Creatures and Arsen und spitze Täubchen, being performed in Hamburg and Milton Keynes, England.

My daily worklife

After that, I started working as a sound engineer, video editor, and later on as graphic/web, 3D & motion designer and art-/creative director for advertising campaigns, among other related skills. Beside of this, I am passionate photographer.

Today & tomorrow

Apart from daily work I always went on with music, although lots of years not publishing or writing a single piece, and just playing a bit for my own and some typical pub, terrace & beach sessions.

In April 2019 I decided to start again writing and composing and released the Little Song.

More songs are planned, let’s see what future brings. Cheers, stay tuned and let’s keep on rocking 🤟

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“Little Song”

Music & Lyrics

Phil Bauch

Released: 21.04.2017

DK UPC: 194156076436

Distributed by distrokid


Alex Blăjan (Coverphoto), Ruslan Zh

unsplash-logoAlex Blăjanunsplash-logoRuslan Zh

Special thanks

... to Maria, for the inspiration to make this one. Love to chat with you on wine'y nights 🍷

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©2019 Phil Bauch. All rights reserved.

Phil Bauch
Little Song
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